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Fri 23rd November – Fuori Dal Coro

Fri 23rd November – Fuori Dal Coro

Simona Vespucci: voice Carlo Quarta: guitar Stefano Liguori: bass Looking ... Read More »

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Closed from November 5th to 16th

Dear friends, we’re going on holiday! see you on 17th ... Read More »


Fri 12th October – AnimacusticA

AnimacusticA: Raffaello Liguori: piano Ciki Forchetti: voice and guitar Marco ... Read More »


Fri 22nd June – Alegria Gitana Unplugged & Wine-Tasting

Outdoors and unplugged, a very special concert and the tasting ... Read More »

barbara errico

Sat 2nd June – Barbara Errico Jazz Quartet

A concert of the famous jazz singer Barbara Errico, accompanied by ... Read More »

donato manco

Sat 26th May – Don Ray Trio

Don Ray: piano & drum-machine Donatello Palermo: guitar Marcello Lupo: ... Read More »

all swing

Sat 19th May – All Swing Trio

Paola Liaci: voice Fernando Gigante: double bass Franco Lezzi: guitar ... Read More »

Corto Maltese Jazz Club

In Lecce, the first “modern” pub was born 22 years ago: it was Corto Maltese.
30 years of interactions, music, emotions. Three generations of customers for this memorable pub in Lecce dedicated to the seaman born by the pencil of the mitic master Hugo Pratt. A large room ruled in its heart by a rounded counter, recalling a boat prow.
The small stage hosts a grand piano, from wich glad musical notes rise recreating and entertaining jazz shows. The setting is informal, you can go to Corto for a beer or a wine glass, a chit-chat or just for one of the very tasty “panino” of Corto.

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Corto Maltese Jazz Club - Lecce, Via Giuseppe Giusti - For info and reservations: +39 327 8782454 - send email »

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